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We are specialists within the Japan market and as such are are well networked. We offer support, advise and consultation to companies who are newly establishing, or who are reaching their business potential. We offer business analysis consultations to support our clients.
Japan Market Specialization
Japan Market Specialization
Strategic Consulting Japan specializes with Confidential Director level Executive Search within the Japan market. It is extremely important that a stealth-like approach is fully utilized. Market confidentiality as well as internal security are maintained throughout the search process.
Confidential Search
Confidential Search
We offer the most advanced and methodical approach to each and every search. Through our process we identify the best available professionals within the Japan Market, these candidates are then thoroughly screened before the role is introduced.
Why Strategic Consulting Japan?
Why Strategic Consulting Japan?
Do you have a critical search that you you need to fill quickly? We are very methodical in our approach to each search and utilize a specific, targeted approach, leveraging our large network to identify the best candidates for your critical hiring requirements.
Supercharge Your Search
Supercharge Your Search
Understanding how to effectively enter the Japan market can be a big hurdle, especially from overseas. We can support you through the entire process by identifying which is the best strategy for you, based on your technology, products / services and, or business model.
Japan Entry Specialization
Japan Entry Specialization
Is your Japan business performing as expected? Have you hired the right talent? Is your team working well together? We offer confidential team assessments and offer training as required. Engage with Strategic Consulting Japan to optimize your Japan operations.
Need Direction With Your Business?
Need Direction With Your Business?
Large Global firms typically utilize “Succession Planning”, which helps the company identify organizational strengths and weaknesses. We offer an optimal solution called “Business Analysis”. Our solution is completely scalable to meet the needs of any firm regardless of size.
Business Anaysis
Business Anaysis
Our Mission & Vision
Our Mission & Vision
Ethics, Integrity & Honesty

Our Mission

Strategic Consulting Japan is bound by uncompromising ethics, integrity, honesty and moral conscience. We treat our clients, candidates and employees with the respect they rightfully deserve. We strive to achieve the best results with all our projects, and will not challenge work which is not achievable regardless of the potential financial reward. Our professional goal is to always to seek Win-Win with all of our clients, candidates and staff alike. We understand the nature of our business, however, respect, and abide by the Japan Labor Laws - to do otherwise would put ourselves and our clients at risk.
+ IT Technology

We are experienced with a variety of IT technology search including, Data Storage, Software Solutions, ERP, IoT, CX, Quantum Computing, Edge Computing, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

+ Telecom Tech

Hiring Japan's top telecommunications professionals can be challenging, particularly professionals with Service Provider and 5G experience. We are well connected and have been supporting this vertical for many years.

+ Data Science

The world of Data Science, AI and Machine Learning is rapidly growing. Engage with us to help you to hire Japan's top data science professionals.

+ Cybersecurity

We have been supporting security/cybersecurity search for many years. In the past few years top security technology professionals are in high demand with growing demand for online business and digital transformation.

+ Robotics

We support our clients with advanced robotic technology professionals that have the key software and mechanical skills to grow their business.

+ Automotive

We are specialists with advanced automotive technology search including Telematics, Advanced Driver-assistance Systems (ADAS), Connected Car and Autonomous Driving technologies.

Strategic Consulting Japan G.K.

Specialists with Critical & Confidential Search


We are specialists with both critical and confidential hires. If you want to keep the market quiet (confidential replacement), or have an urgent hiring requirement we can help you.

Performance-based Hiring

Are you tired of meeting off-spec candidates? We utilize Performance-based Hiring Methodology to insure only introduce top-performing professionals are introduced.

Detailed & Analytical

We utilize a very detailed and systematic approach to our Executive Search assignments. Our clients benefit with full transparency and Japan market intelligence.

Business success is based on hiring top talent!

Do you have a critical hiring requirement? Are you frustrated with quality of candidates from big box contingent firms?

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Search Focus

Strategic Consulting Japan G.K. Focuses on Key Organizational Roles

Country Manager Executive Search Specialization
Nothing is more important than hiring the right business leader!
Finance Director / CFO / FP&A Executive Search
It is crucial to the success of every organization to report the correct financial data, understand revenue recognition, and create the correct business & financial strategy.
Government Affairs / Government Relations Executive Search
With the advancement of technology, Government Affairs Directors play a key role with Government relations.
Operations Director / Manager Executive Search
Having the right Operations professional is important to the day-to-day functioning of a company, particularly with product development & manufacturing.
Sales Director/Manager Executive Search
It goes without saying, if you don't have a strong Sales Leader, you won't have a business very long!
Marketing Director / Manager Executive Search
Branding and lead generation is more important than most companies realize, the sales team relys on this key function.
Human Resource Director / Manager Executive Search
Human Resources is a key function to every organization, having a great HR professional can make a work of difference!
Digital Tranformation Specialization / Data Science Search
Japan is undergoing digital transformation, we specialize with digital technology professionals including datascience!
Project Manager Executive Search Japan Focus
Project Managers are in high demand, over the years we have supported a variety of industries with talented Project Managers!
SCJ Strategy

Create the optimal Japan market strategy

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