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License & Compliance
Strategic Consulting Japan G.K. is Japanese registered consulting firm, and licensed to conduct executive search in Japan by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. We maintain the strictest level of personal & corporate confidentiality, and adhere strictly with the Japan Privacy Laws.

License and Compliance


It is important to only engage with consulting firms that are licensed to execute search here in Japan to do otherwise would put your company at risk of liability. The Japan government has very strict laws regarding personal privacy and data protection. We understand that many companies try saving money by offshoring talent acquisition to recruiting firms outside of Japan, this could be potentially very risky, you could lose your Japan business if this is not handled correctly. Additionally, these firms are not responsible for legal breaches, your Japan entity would be 100% liable. Additionally, the top local Japan recruiting firms are well networked and know who the best professionals are here in Japan.

Japan Licenced & CompliantStrategic Consulting Japan G.K. License 13-ユ-304530

  • Licensed By Japan by the Ministry of Health, Labor & Welfare
  • Japan Certified & Licensed Recruiting Firm
  • Japan Licensed Consulting Firm
  • Tested & Certified Regarding Japan Privacy Laws
  • Compliant With Data Management & Security
  • Maintain The Strictest Level of Personal & Corporate Confidentiality
  • Compliant With Japanese Government Policy Changes