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I hope these articles give you deeper insight into the Japan market and help you to understand how to hire the best talent for your Japan business. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require further information.

Why Linkedin Is Not Effective In Japan

Why Is LinkedIn Is Not Effective In Japan?


Japan is a very different landscape than western countries, below outlines the unemployment rate coupled with the low adaptation of LinkedIn.Other considerations are that Japanese are risk averse with a job-for-life mentality, and less than 5% of Japanese are bilingual.Our clients typically require bilingual talent.

Japan Jobless Rate Edges Down to 2.7%

Japan’s unemployment rate was at 2.7 percent in February 2022, compared with market forecasts and January's figure of 2.8 percent. The number of unemployed dropped by 30 thousand to 1.88 million while employment was flat at 66.93 million. The non-seasonally adjusted labor force participation rate stood at 61.8 percent. Meantime, the jobs-to-application ratio was at a 22-month high of 1.21, compared with estimates and January's figure of 1.2. A year earlier, the unemployment rate was at 2.9 percent.

Japan Jobless Rate Rises to 2.8% in January

Japan’s unemployment rate increased to 2.8% in January 2022, compared with 2.7% in December and missed expectations for no change. The data reflected the impact of the fast-spreading omicron variant on the labor market during the period. Meanwhile, the jobs-to applications ratio posted at a 21-month high of 1.20 in January, meaning that there were 120 job openings for every 100 job seekers. The figure was up 0.03 point from the previous month’s 1.17 and higher than consensus forecast of 1.16.
The above data was sourced from Trading Economics 2022-03-03: https://tradingeconomics.com/japan/unemployment-rate

With a population of 125,747,062 (May 23, 2022) Japan is also one of lowest Global adopters of LinkedIn with less than 2M users!

Japan’s Top Social Media Networks 2022


In Japan LinkedIn and job boards do not perform at all compared to western countries, top candidates are not actively seeking new jobs, this has been particularly evident during the COVID pandemic.

Low adaptation of LinkedIn means top candidates are typically identified through our deep network.

Professionals utilizing LinkedIn are hit so hard that the response rate is less than 5% even with professionals we are connected with.

Strategic Consulting Japan Key Value Proposition

  • Unlike the global search firms, this is performance-based retainer, the small retainer comes off the final fee. The cost is no different than a contingent search, with the added benefit of a full one-year warranty which protects your search investment.
  • Our search model is a partnership, we work for you, not the candidate, we never introduce a professional that we wouldn’t hire ourselves.
  • You will receive full candidate “exclusivity” throughout the search process, other firms will introduce strong candidates to multiple opportunities, they work for the candidate, not you.
  • Our Executive search process is active, consequently it’s much more efficient and faster as we are actively headhunting everyday until the searches are filled. (Job boards and contingent search are passive, waiting for professionals to apply).
  • We meet and thoroughly screen every professional, and we only introduce top-level, typically passive candidates via leveraging our extensive network, we only seek out, and introduce the best. This saves you time and money by not meeting off-spec professionals.
  • During the search you will receive detailed “market intelligence”, this is valuable for you to learn about the competitive landscape here in Japan.
  • Once an ideal candidate has been selected by you and your firm, we negotiate on your behalf, it’s easier for an outside consultant to do trial closes to get the best value, our goal is for you to not pay more than you have to.
  • We do in-depth background checks prior to offer signing. We are licensed and know how to do these in a very detailed way.
    We fully support you and the professionals with the on-boarding process.
  • We offer a one-year warranty, that’s 270 days more than other search firms offer.
  • We have never failed with filling any retained position.

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